LGU Age Group Coordinator Application
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Which age groups would you like to work with? *
Are you willing to coordinate an age group your child is not part of? *
Please list any dates this summer when you won't be able to access the internet or send email for more than a few days (vacations, etc). *
Check dates you are available for training (only one training session is required). We will attempt to select one evening in July for as many people as possible. Another opportunity may be provided in August if needed. *
Are you able to receive uniform and other deliveries at your address, and can you provide a space (porch, etc.) where coaches can pick up their items throughout the season? *
What is your familiarity with Google Sheets? *
What is your general level of comfort in using/learning unfamiliar online systems? *
Are you willing to participate in forming teams? This is a challenging (and fun!) activity that requires attention to detail and skill manipulating spreadsheets. Team formation will take place the second and third week of August. Please note that ACGs are not allowed to form teams in their own child's age group in order to avoid any conflict of interest. *
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