Sedgemoor Health and Wellbeing Directory
Sedgemoor District Council are working with Spark Somerset to produce a District-wide Health & Wellbeing Directory. This exciting new initiative will enable Sedgemoor residents to find local activities, groups and services that could improve their health and wellbeing.

By submitting your entry, you are agreeing to;
• Make new people welcome who attend your activity/group/service.
• If you meet indoors the premises are insured.
• That you have addressed health & safety requirements and the safeguarding of participants.
• If you take people's contact details, you comply with GDPR legislation and carefully handle this information.

If you would like some information on safeguarding or GDPR, please email

If you would like your activity, group or service to feature on the Directory, please complete the following fields. Please note that entries should be free or low cost (e.g. under £5/hr) and that general fitness classes will not be listed (these can be found on Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership's Activity Finder and there will be a link to the SASP site on the directory).

Thank you for your support.
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