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Thanks very much for volunteering! This is a concise form to gauge your interests and skills. When we contact you again, we may ask for more information.

Please note that it can take a while to place people. Some of this is because we prefer to bring Heads of Areas on board first, so they can then talk to the people on the volunteers list. So we apologise for delays in getting back to you.

We also may have some positions that need to be filled by Guests of Honour, or similar. So sometimes positions may need to shuffle a bit...

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Are you interested in helping at other conventions, on the crew before CoNZealand or at CoNZealand. Please tick all that apply
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Have you read and do you agree with our general Policies and Expectations?
Worldcon Attendance
Are you willing to attend or join Dublin 2019: An Irish Worldcon between now and 2020 to gain experience? This could be just as a staff member, to help Dublin, but also to shadow areas and gain experience.
Worldcon Experience Level
What level of Worldcon experience do you have? This includes attendance, running etc. We appreciate this is very subjective so go with your gut.
Division Interest
These are brief, general areas. You may have interests that cross over areas. We encourage you to select all that apply.
Keep it away from me!
Pretty Keen
This is my wheelhouse
Information Technology
Services to Members
Division Level Experience
What level of convention management experience do you have, in any division/department?
Convention Experience
What level of convention experience do you have, in any division/department? Broadly, 5 is lots of helping run conventions.
Event Experience
What experience do you have running other events?
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I am interested in... Eg. Writing the unsubstantiated rumour column for the daily con newsletter sounds like me; I’ll run the twitter side of things.
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Specialised skills
These are brief, general areas. You may have skills and interests that cross over areas. We encourage you to select all that you are interested in.
Not for me
Unskilled but keen to learn
Have some experience
Have a lot of experience
I'm an expert
I can help in an emergency, but prefer not
IT (Linux, web platforms, backend)
IT (Microsoft, Apple, frontend)
IT (Google,Email)
Websites (HTML, CSS, PHP, JScript etc)
Websites (Editing, Wordpress etc)
Design and Graphics
Video Making and Editing
Desktop Publishing
Social Media
Mad Skillz and Experience
What other skills do you have that we haven't thought to ask about?
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Thank you for volunteering!
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