Instrumental Music 2019-2020 Registration
Dear Parents/Guardians:

The Rutherford Music Department offers lessons on the following band instruments for
beginner, intermediate, and advanced students in grades 4 - 6:

Flute Saxophone Baritone
Clarinet Trumpet Tuba
French Horn Trombone Percussion

You will be responsible for renting or purchasing your own instrument. Rental fees vary from $30.00 to $65.00 for a three-month period. Please note that Band is a FULL YEAR class so you may need to re-rent throughout the school year.

If you are looking to choose a larger instrument like the baritone or tuba, the school will provide one for in-school practice. Also, percussion students need to purchase a practice pad and sticks. Please do not rent a full snare drum.

The school will provide weekly group lessons. Performance groups for concerts and other band activities will be formed for all students at various levels. It is encouraged that each child owns a music stand for home practice.

Band rehearsals and lessons will be on a rotating basis during the school day.

Please contact Mr. Siskas in the Guidance Office if you choose to have your child withdrawn from the program at any time.

Instrumental Music Teachers
Mr. Joseph Cavezza
Mr. Kevin Sanchez

4TH GRADE PARENTS: When choosing an instrument, be advised that they will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. This will ensure that we maintain a balanced program.

PARENTS: Please fill out the following form.

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2019 - 2020 4th Grade Only - If your child has prior musical experience (e.g. piano or violin lessons), we highly encourage them to choose one of the instruments listed, as this will broaden their musical experience. How many years of private study does your child have?
Instrument - 1st Choice *
*Other (If instrument is not found above please write it in here. We will follow up with you to let you know if this instrument is available for study in our program. Please note, piano is not offered as a Band instrument. It is reserved for the pianist position in the Jazz Band, an audition-only ensemble.)
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As part of voluntary participation in the Rutherford School District’s Instrumental Music Program, I understand and agree that my child is required to attend rotating instrumental music lessons, band/small ensemble rehearsals, and concerts/performances as directed by our Instrumental Music teachers. Parent/Guardian Electronic Signature (First & Last name) *
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