Standing and Special Committee Chair Nominations
Vaughan PTA is seeking nominations for Standing Committee Chairs. Please use this form to let us know you are interested.

*You have the option to complete a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd choice but do not have to submit a 2nd or 3rd choice if you do not wish to.

*Elections were held on April 6, 2021 and the Newly Elected Officers will appoint the Parliamentarian and Standing Chair positions.

*Please refer to the Vaughan PTA Bylaws and Standing Rules for more information on the board positions and their duties:

*All nominations are due by April 26, 2021

If you have any questions please contact 2021-22 PTA president, Julie Van Boerum at

Thank you for your interest in serving our Vaughan community!
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I cannot commit to a committee chair, but am interested in helping. Some areas we need help with include: hospitality, spirit nights, book fair and programs. I am interested in helping with:
Please provide some details on your volunteer experience. If more than one position was selected, please provide information for all positions indicated. Provide current and former positions held, volunteer experience in PTA, volunteer or work experience outside of PTA, or other information relevant to their qualifications for the position(s).
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