QA Alliance's Campus to Corporate Program
QA Alliance ( is a growing platform for Quality Management which will gradually encompass Quality related activities across industries. Our goal is to reach out to all those, who are new to Quality and/ or wish to upgrade their knowledge and skills, with respect to quality management, by providing- • Training (Virtual, self-paced, classroom) • Forum for discussions and query resolution • And the basic resources, free of cost.
We also aim to provide a platform to those who wish to enhance their skills by playing various roles like guide, mentor and trainer.
You may find us on various social platforms and contribute in the discussions happening there and showcase yourself.

Objective of this assessment:

Please provide a brief about you to help us understand your needs. Our aim is to be a ladder for you from your campus to corporate world in a manner that you can climb the heights with knowledge and confidence.
In case you have got any query, feel free to contact us here-

QA Alliance wishes you all the best in your endeavors and we look forward to a successful and mutually enriching association with you!

Deepika Misra
Founder, CEO, QA Alliance

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11] Any Other Training/Certification You May Wish To Take Up
Other training (Non-Quality)
Since, quality assurance is an area in which constant customer interaction , presentations etc are needed, a Quality professional must hone such skills too.
As we want to make you confident in every aspect, we are also looking into some other training that we can add into our offering.
12] Would you like to participate in the training for soft skills, presentation skills, basics of customer relationship management etc, if provided? *
13] How do you rate yourself in proficiency over English language (written and verbal) *
14] Any other remark
If you want let us know anything more about you, please feel free to use this space.
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