JLI Refugee Hub: Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework - Good Practices with Local Faith Communities Submission
To ensure a more comprehensive and predictable response to large movements of refugees, based on the principles of international cooperation and responsibility sharing, UN Member States have committed themselves to implementing a comprehensive refugee response framework (CRRF- www.unhcr.org/crrf), based on Annex I of the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants (http://www.unhcr.org/newyorkdeclaration). The General Assembly has requested that UNHCR – in close coordination with relevant States and through a multi-stakeholder approach – develops and initiates the CRRF in a range of situations. One central objective of the CRRF process is to identify good practices in responding to large movements of refugees.

For that purpose, UNHCR would like to capitalize as much as possible on the broad experience from NGOs. The JLI Refugee Hub (refugee.jliflc.com) is partnering with UNHCR on a research project to build good practice case studies of partnering or engaging with local faith communities in refugee response across seven countries:
Honduras, Mexico, Bangladesh, Uganda, Germany and Lebanon.

The following form explains how NGOs can contribute to the collation of good practices within the UNHCR-JLI CRRF research process. These will also serve as inputs to the Global Compact on Refugees (GCR- http://www.unhcr.org/refugeecompact), and in particular its programme of action, which will aim to facilitate and support the implementation of the CRRF in specific countries and regional contexts.

The following form is designed to help you identify some concrete good practice examples and lessons learned at the country level of partnering or engaging with local faith communities as part of refugee response. The examples should be as concrete as possible, but still generate a generalizable insight.

Please prioritize good practices examples you assess to be particularly informative, instructive and innovative. Before adding your good practices to the template, please carefully read the definition of what we consider a good practice below. The examples should only be drawn from our 7 core case study countries: Honduras, Mexico, Bangladesh, CAR, Uganda, Germany and Lebanon.

By completing this form you agree that the JLI can use the case studies in its evidence dissemination work, with due recognition of your organization.

Please limit one example per submission. You may send a new submission for each new example.

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What a good practice is depends on your definition and criteria. In view of the many potential sources and possible principles of good practices, we would like to provide you with some criteria for identifying and assessing good practices. First, the following options demonstrate how your example aligns with the CRRF objectives. Please select at least one of the following categories. *
Second, the CRRF is structured along four thematic pillars. These pillars also define the areas where we are looking for good practices of local faith community engagement.
Which one or combination of the four CRRF pillars does the good practice help to fulfill? *
Third, good practice examples should fulfill some of the following criteria. Please tick one or more of the options below. *
Please describe the good practice (why and how it was introduced, context, actors)
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What effect did it have?
Did the project reach its goals, what was the impact (with figures to demonstrate change if available - upload graphics/reports below)?
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Are there any documents (research reports, evaluations, briefs, etc.) that support the example? please email to olivia@jliflc.com
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Is there anyone country-based who we should talk to or contact in reference to this example? Please list name, title, organizations, email address. We welcome several interview recommendations per example.
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