Are you an empath?
This quiz is to help you understand whether you are an empath.  Once you have filled in the quiz, and press submit, back to you once I review your answers.

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How did you hear about The Empath Journey? *
What makes you think you are an empath? *
Do you find yourself drawn to the ocean? *
Do you search out self development info? *
Do you find you are drawn to metaphysical and spiritual info? *
Do you love to experience new cultures and places? *
Is it important to have your physical space in harmony and order? *
Are you drawn to antiques? *
Selfless or Selfish? *
Do you feel a strong connection to nature? *
Do you feel like you are very emotionally/physically or spiritually connected to others, even those you don't know? *
When watching something on tv, or in the movies, does it move you deeply or scare you more than most people? *
Do you often feel like you know what is about to happen? *
Are you a good listener?  Do you hear past the words?   *
Do you become anxious when you are in a public place such as a shopping mall, restaurant etc? *
Do you feel other people's pain, whether it's physical, emotional or spiritual? *
Do you find you have more body or emotional pain when there is a full moon, or earthquake etc? *
Do you find that strangers will often tell you their life story? *
Are you drawn to the healing arts? *
Do you find that you have an addictive personality?  Food, drugs, sex, gambling etc. *
Do you "feel" when an animal is in pain? *
Are you very creative and talented in many areas of life?  What are your talents? *
Are you extremely compassionate? *
If you have questions around your relationship with yourself, others, or about how to navigate the world of an empath, please ask them here, and I will get back to you.   *
What do you need the most RIGHT NOW? *
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