Expression of Interest: 2018 PMI WA Mentorship Program
Project Managers are typically time poor and hard working, but rely heavily on professional development to improve their performance on current and future projects.


For Mentors:

- Greater sense of personal and professional satisfaction
- Ability to enhance mentoring skills
- Provides the ability to give back to the profession
- Earn PDUs for volunteering your time as a mentor.

For Mentees:

- Improve your network and skills
- Opportunity to learn from and reflect with an experienced role model
- Assists in identifying professional alignments and skills
- PDUs available for mentoring program participation


Any PMI WA Chapter member can participate in the program!


Our mentorship program is FREE of charge to members of the PMI WA Chapter.


5pm, January 19th, 2018


Full Application Forms will follow this EOI.


5pm, February 28th, 2018


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The duration of the PMI WA Mentorship Program is six months. Mentor and Mentee agree to actively participate in the program for the full duration of their engagement.

Mentors and Mentees are required to attend a mandatory face-to-face Initial Briefing Session and to participate in a Milestone Briefing session three months into the program. Mentors and Mentees participate in these sessions in separate groups.

Mentor and Mentee agree to be available, responsive to each other’s needs and willing to adjust schedules as necessary.

As part of the PMI WA Mentorship Program, Mentor and Mentee agree to establish contact for a minimum of one hour every 4-6 weeks.

(Note: Though any and all forms of communication between Mentor and Mentee are encouraged, it is recommended that e-mail not be used as the initial or exclusive communications tool between Mentor and Mentee, but rather as a support process for other forms of direct communication.)

Please note that any suggestions, advice or comments shared between a Mentor and Mentee are confidential to both parties and do not represent the views of PMI WA in any way. Mentors organised through PMI WA are voluntary and do not act on behalf of PMI WA. Advice and /or action taken by a Mentee will be done so completely at their own discretion.

Mentee and Mentor Pairing Process
PMI WA acknowledges the importance of matching individuals appropriately and as such, endeavours to leverage the benefits of the Mentorship Program through carefully choosing the Mentor and Mentee partners. Where an appropriate pairing cannot be made immediately, PMI WA will advise the Mentee accordingly and endeavour to seek an appropriate match within the next group of Mentors that apply to participate in the program.

The relationship between a Mentor and a Mentee is left to their own discretion. Should either of the parties feel dissatisfied with the other for any reason whatsoever, relations may be discontinued and subsequently notified to PMI WA. PMI WA may assign an alternative Mentor/Mentee where requested.

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