Order Pagan Portals -- Iris: Goddess of the Rainbow and Messenger of the Godds -- directly from Irisanya

Thanks so much for supporting my next book! You can choose to pre-order now, if you want!

I will order the books at the start of June in hopes of having them for the release date!

In trying to make this accessible to as many folks as possible, I am offering a sliding scale model. Those who can donate at a higher level will support those who may not be able to right now.

Sliding scale: $10 - $20, pay what you can. If you can not pay, just let me know.

(On Amazon, the book will likely retail at $10.95 for the print version.)

ESTIMATED SHIPPING COSTS (for folks who want/need/desire to add that to your payment):

US: $1.80 USD
Canada: ~$18 USD
Australia: ~$19 USD
UK: ~$19 USD

I will need your phone number if you are international.

Thanks so much.

In love and magick,

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