Pet Partner’s Evaluation 6/2/2018
Please answer each question to sign up for the ABLEPaws sponsored Pet Partners Evaluation. There will be a couple of questions at the bottom to answer if you intend on attending the optional ABLEPaws Paws & Practice session. There is no separate registration for Paws & Practice.

Remember to also register for the Evaluation on Pet Partners website through the Volunteer Center. Both registrations are needed to guarantee an appointment to evaluate. Thanks!

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Animal name *
Name you call your animal, not registered name.
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Will you carry your animal? *
Animal must weigh less than 15 pounds to be carried.
Animal Date of Birth *
Give animal's date of birth. Can be approximate if unsure.
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Training *
What type of training have you completed or are planning to complete?
Paws & Practice *
Paws & Practice is an optional ABLEPaws sponsored event where handler/animal teams are given an opportunity to practice skills they would need for successful visiting. This is not a mock evaluation - PPSAT exercises are not taught. During the practice teams are given feedback, tips on improving skills, and an opportunity to ask questions. Do you wish to attend Paws & Practice?
Paws & Practice Information
Paws & Practice will be held Saturday, May 19th 2018. There is no charge for ABLEPaws members. The cost to non-ABLEPaws members is $25.00, which includes membership in ABLEPaws for 2018. If you wish to attend, would you prefer a morning or afternoon appointment time? Do you have any questions?
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Handler's Birthday
Please give us the date of your birthday so we can remember you with a card. :)
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ABLEPaws Member *
Are you a current ABLEPaws member with dues paid for this calendar year?
Pet Partner's ID Number *
Renewals - Please list your team identification number listed on your Pet Partner's Badge. If you are not a renewal, please write NA.
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Pet Partner's Expiration Date
Renewals - Please list your current team registration's expiration date. If you are not a renewal, please skip.
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