National AMA Conference Application
The AMA International Collegiate Conference is one of the best investments you can make as an aspiring marketer, and we are looking for dedicated individuals to join us in representing the Texas AMA chapter on April 11-13, 2019 in New Orleans, LA. Take your marketing to the next level and join over 1,700 members for professional development, cutting edge career advice, competitions, networking and fun!

Texas AMA is planning to bring 15-16 individuals to the National AMA Conference. We will be there from Thursday, April 11th to Sunday, April 14th (We plan to leave for New Orleans early Thursday morning and head back to Austin on Sunday morning). This trip will be ALL-EXPENSES paid, meaning conference registration, travel costs, and hotel costs will either be covered or reimbursed by Texas AMA. However, we will ask for a $215 safety deposit from you IF you are accepted to attend the conference to ensure your attendance. This will be reimbursed to you in full when you attend the conference and follow the rules/expectations. Furthermore, your absences from McCombs classes will be excused and we will TRY to accomplish the same for your non-business classes.

REQUIREMENTS: Must be a PAID and ACTIVE member of Texas AMA


Participants will be accepted based on QUALITY of application.

If you have any questions about the conference or the application, please direct your questions to Jennifer Dang and email her at or reach out to Sweta Sridhar and Devika Kapoor.

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