Arisia 2021 - Self File - Incident Report Form
***** If this is a medical emergency please call 911, emergency services *****

***** If this a mental health crisis please 988, National Suicide Prevention Lifeline *****


Arisia has a process to address issues that arise during the convention.

If there is an issue that needs IMMEDIATE ATTENTION during the convention please contact
Arisia's Safety Team:
Discord: #safetychannel

Persons directly impacted by the incident and witnesses (attendees, staff, volunteers, guests, panelists, and members of the public) are welcome to file a confidential incident report regarding Arisia Community members inappropriate behavior.

Filing an Incident Report with Arisia's Incident Response Team (IRT) is one way alert the Con Chair Team to Code of Conduct violation or a behavior issue during Arisia 2021.

During the Arisia 2021 virtual convention, this form can be used to file an anonymous report or to connect with a member of Arisia's Incident Response Team (IRT).

Arisia's Incident Response Team (IRT) is specifically tasked with intaking and addressing any reports of violation of the Code of Conduct or other member behavior issues regarding Arisia Community members.
This form is one way to contact the Arisia 2021 Incident Response Team regarding a Code of Conduct violation or member behavior issue during the Arisia 2021 virtual convention.

The IRT is only empowered to take actions that impact the convention at which the report is taken. At the end of the convention, all incident reports are handed off to the Incident Report Management Committee (IRMC) of the Arisia E-board for review, complete with all follow-up conducted at the convention, any actions already taken, and any recommendations from the IRT for further actions.

Reporters are not required to use this form to file an incident report with Arisia 2021 Incident Response Team.

IRT can be contacted by:
1. Discord: #irt-hall-desk
2. E-mailing:
3. E-Mailing:
4. Phone: (617) 657-9756‬
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