ASK QUESTIONS: 40 Day Commitment
I am so excited you want to know more information about my 40 day lifestyle commitment starting soon!

Let me tell you a little bit about this program to get you even more excited......

Our 40 Day Commitment will help you create lasting, healthy habits and get off of the rollercoaster of trying all the "diets".
We will teach and support you through breaking addictions to harmful foods and sugar. We work on reprogramming the tastebuds!

The 40 days is broken up in to phases, making it easy to create a lifestyle that sticks.
PLUS... the support and guidance through the "tough" parts.

This commitment is online anything you have ever done and it totally customizable to your lifestyle (nursing, busy women, working women, stay at home moms, etc.)

I can't WAIT to connect more together.

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