Does your backyard need a makeover or you wish you actually used it? Can you see the potential of your backyard, but have no idea where to start? Would you like that special room for you or your kids where you could let loose, be bold, and take the décor risks you’ve always dreamed of? Get ready to staycation and have the yard all your neighbours wish they did!

When you’ve run out of living space inside, HGTV Canada’s design and build duo, Brian and Sarah, maximize your outdoor living by creating customized, one-of-a-kind solutions. We want to construct your new, unique building or convert an existing one to extend your indoor living space outside. Need an artist studio, at-home gym, workshop, wine tasting room or sleepover suite? You tell us and we’ll redo that old deck and tackle your landscaping too!

• You must own your home and live well within a one-hour drive of downtown Toronto
• You have the budget to execute the backyard you’re dreaming of (minimum $40,000 to be considered)
• You are outgoing and available to be on-camera for a minimum of two non-consecutive weekdays between August 2020 to November 2020
• You must fill out the online application with all necessary information and send only one email to the provided address with horizontal/landscape pictures of you (and your family) and your backyard

• $10,000 added on to your budget to go toward your project
• Top-notch design, project management, and build team
• A transformed, livable backyard in about five to nine weeks

Once you have submitted your application, a new window will confirm your entry has been received. We regret that we cannot respond to each application and will only contact projects that meet all requirements and are suitable for the show.
Are you eligible? *
I have $45K or more to invest in my backyard?
I own my own home
I live in the GTA (within one hour's drive of downtown Toronto)
I am available between April and November to appear and be interviewed on camera for a minimum of 2 non-consecutive weekdays
I'm outgoing, enthusiastic, and ready to realize my backyard dreams!
What's your name? *
What's your home address? *
If you would prefer not to provide your exact home address at this time, please note the street name and city.
What's your project budget? *
What elements have you budgeted for your backyard renovation/build? Select all that apply. *
Tell us about your family! *
Please list the name, relationship and age (in brackets) of each member of your household.
What kind of job do you do? *
What is your occupation and that of your partner/spouse (if applicable)?
What dreams do you have your outdoor space? *
Why is this project important to you and your family? *
Will you need any permits to build your dream backyard? *
Have you ever been on an unscripted TV show before? *
If so, which one(s)?
Have you ever been in a TV commercial? *
If so, for what brand?
Have you or your partner ever been convicted of a criminal offence *
What's your e-mail address? Please use the address you will be emailing us from. *
What's your telephone number? *
Where did you see/hear about this casting call? *
Send us some pictures! *
Please e-mail a family photo (with your name and the names of the people in it) and at least two pictures of your backyard or outdoor space to Please ensure to take the pictures of your backyard horizontally (landscape) and as wide as possible. One picture should be taken from the deepest corner of the yard facing the house and another with the opposite view from the edge of the house facing the back of the yard. Applications without corresponding photos will not be considered. SUBJECT line should read as "Your Name, Address". PLEASE SEND ALL PHOTOS IN A SINGLE E-MAIL.
Want to send a video?
We'd love to see a video of you too! In 1-2 minutes, introduce yourselves and tell us what extraordinary plans you have for your backyard. Please upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo. Make your video Public or Unlisted and put the URL to the video in the field below. Please be sure to film horizontally (landscape)! Adding a video is optional but will greatly help your submission. Bonus points if you shoot it in your backyard and take us on a tour so we can see it clearly!
Please accept our terms and conditions *
I have voluntarily agreed to participate in a casting call to be potentially considered to participate in Backyard Builds Season 2. I consent to the recording, use and reuse by the producers of the program and anyone they designate in connection with the program (including their licensees, assigns, parents, subsidiaries, affiliated entities and all of their employees, agents, officers and directors) (the “Releasees”) of my voice, actions, likeness, name, appearance and biographical material (the “Materials”) in all media, worldwide and in perpetuity. I acknowledge I have no rights in the specific Materials created by the Releasees and the Releasees shall own all of the Materials they create in the casting call. I expressly understand that the Releasees are under no obligation whatsoever to select me for participation in the program or otherwise use any of the Materials, and I grant the rights in this document whether or not I am so selected. I acknowledge that this document binds me and any of my heirs and/or successors. I acknowledge that the Releasees may assign this agreement, but I may not. I fully understand this document and have sought legal advice before accepting it. By participating in the casting call, I acknowledge my acceptance of these terms.
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