Hopkinton PTA Funding Request
WELCOME! The Hopkinton PTA provides funding for numerous field trips, enrichment activities, and programs. We ask that programs benefit as many children as possible, either through direct experience, or presentations to a larger school community audience.

COMPLETE THE FORM! Please complete the form below. We will then run it by your principal for approval (just to be sure there aren't already funds earmarked for your request) and bring it to the next Hopkinton PTA Board Meeting. These meetings are held at 5:30pm on the first Wednesday of the month at the HMS preschool room. You are welcome to join us to present your request, though this is no longer a requirement for funding.

PLAN AHEAD! The funding process can take 1-2 months, as they are only voted on in the monthly meeting. If approved, it can take about 2 weeks for funds to arrive in your account.

INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING! We ask you include the following text in all of your field trip forms - so parents have the opportunity to pay the full amount if possible, a subsidized amount as needed, or even add a donation to help cover costs of fellow students. If you do end up NOT spending the full amount you requested for your field trip, please return any leftover funds to the PTA so that we can redistribute them!

"The full cost of the field trip is $______.

Here are your payment options - choose what’s right for you!
- Pay the full cost of the trip of $______.
- Pay the subsidized rate of $_____. (Thanks to the Hopkinton PTA!)
- Pay it forward with a donation to help cover costs for fellow students!

As always, full scholarships are available and completely confidential. Please contact the school nurse.

Payment enclosed:  $ ________"

QUESTIONS? Please reach out to us at contact.hopkintonpta@gmail.com and a board member will respond shortly (usually well within 24hrs). We ask that you do not email or text individual board members. We get a lot of questions and funding requests, and as a 501c3 non-profit, it's important we follow the same procedure for everyone. Thanks for your help!
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