Camp Bonfire Logistics Application 2018
**Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.**

The Camp Bonfire Team is looking for the following logistics positions for Summer 2018:
--One (1) Assistant to the Director of Logistics
--Six (6) Crew Members
--Six (6) Work Exchange Campers

Being a member of the Camp Bonfire logistics team means more than just driving a golf cart around campus. Camp Bonfire Logistics Team Members set the tone by being one step ahead of the campers to set up dance halls, yard games, talent shows, snack stations, and of course, giant bonfires. We are the team behind the scenes, sharing in the development of a fun, joyful, enthusiastic environment. These team members set-up, break down, and create activities and experiences for our campers, utilizing not only technical skills, but creative skills as well. Logistics team members also help to enforce the few rules of the camp (no drugs, no smoking outside of designated areas, no outside food or drink, no digital technology outside of designated areas, respect for each other).

The Logistics Team Members are the spokes in the wheel of creating a fun, healthy, safe and encouraging community. Plus, we are like camp superstars, gaining notoriety for our creative problem solving skills and our can-do attitude!

The pay structure breakdown:
Assistant to the Director of Logistics = $500, plus free room, board, and scheduled free time
Crew Members = $300, plus free room, board, and scheduled free time
Work Exchange Campers = A free registration for camp (with room and board) plus a commitment to work pre-camp set-up, post-camp breakdown, and 4-6 scheduled hours during the course of the weekend

The pay for all of the Logistics Team Members in FUN is infinite.

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You'll hear from us within 3 weeks. We hire on a rolling basis, and we encourage you to apply as soon as possible. Depending on the volume of applications, it may take a while to make final decisions.

*** Logistics Members must be available Thursday (for training & set up) through Sunday the weekend of camp.
We have two sessions this year!!
June Session: Thursday, June 14th - Sunday, June 17th.
September Session: Thursday, September 6th - Sunday, September 9th.

PS- If you're interested in coming to camp as a camper (if we can't offer you a position this year), you should register ASAP. Tickets are selling fast and we will refund your registration if we hire you.

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Describe how you operate as a leader in a group. Then, tell us how you operate as support staff in a group. *
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In addition to being leaders of fun, logistics team members are community builders.
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It is Friday night. Camp Olympics are well underway and we are prepping the Bonfire for post-Olympics fun. All of the sudden, the sky opens up and rain begins to pour down on the field, forcing campers to run towards the covered pavilion and soaking all of our wood for the fire. There are five members from the logistics team at the bonfire. What do you do? *
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