Community League #9: Modern Pauper
Sign up for our next league event! Pairings for the first week will go up on Friday, April 8th. Fill out all of the fields below by midnight on April 7 to participate in the event.

This event is free to enter and takes place online using the MTGO client:

About our Events
MagicGatheringStrat hosts bi-monthly player-run league events with prize support from Events are free to enter. Participants will receive contact information at the beginning of the event and will be responsible for organizing their matches throughout the event. Each participants plays one match per week and must report their results on time or risk being dropped from the event. Depending on the number of participants we will play between 4-6 rounds of Swiss and then cut to Top 8.

This is an MTGO event and all matches are played in the Magic Online client:

Complete rules and prize information will be posted before the event begins.

Read about previous events at

About the Format
Modern Pauper uses only cards printed at the common rarity in Modern-legal sets. Those sets are listed at This includes a card pool of nearly 3,800 cards.[%22Modern%22]&rarity=+[C]

We will use the sanctioned Pauper banlist as well for this event:

Supported by Cardhoarder
MagicGatheringStrat is proud to list Cardhoarder as an official sponsor of all our events going forward.

Cardhoarder has been serving the MTGO community since 2005, and with new ownership since 2014 has shown renewed vigor to improve the way they serve their customers and create innovation in the MTGO community.

I have personally switched all of my singles purchases for MTGO from MTGOTraders to Cardhoarder and have had a top-notch experience. I highly recommend them. Shop online or use their bots by searching for #cardhoarder in the Trade screen.

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