HMS Coaching Sailor Registration 2017-18
Use this form to provide information relating to the sailor including contact and parent information - one per helm or crew.
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Identification and Acknowledgement of Risk
I acknowledge that there are risks involved in all water sports. I am also aware that other participant’s actions and the actions or inaction of the organisers of the course can endanger safety. It is up to me personally to assess these risks. I undertake that I will act in a safe, calm and responsible manner and follow the directions given by instructor and coaches or the safety boat crew. I have read and understood all the information about the training course and consent to them.
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Responsible Person/Parent
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Parental Consent (for under 18s)
I understand the forgoing and also agree to the instructor acting in loco parentis for my dependant and give my permission for my son/daughter to be treated in the event of an emergency.
I have made arrangements for my dependant to be collected promptly at the end of each daily session.
I also agree to the appropriate photographing or videoing of my dependant solely for the purposes of assisting in their training or for Highland & Moray Sailing archives or publicity.
Please acknowledge your consent (for under 18s) *
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