Survey for Valkyrie Researchers
Hello and thank you for your interest in a research experience with NASA's humanoid robot Valkyrie and the Space Robotics Challenge (SRC). We are sending this survey to gather more information so we can provide you a meaningful research experience. Please complete as soon as you can and feel free to let us know if you have any questions.
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Eager to Learn
Mechanical Design
CAD (Solidworks or other) 
Rapid Prototyping
Embedded Systems Concepts
Programming in C
Programming in Python
Object Oriented Programming (C++ or similar)
Robot Operating System (ROS)
PCB Design
Signal Processing
Computer Vision
Mathematical Modeling
Systems Engineering
User Interface Design
What motives you?
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What frustrates you?
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What things in a project do you prefer to pass to others to accomplish?
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Elaborate on how you prefer your work to be organized? For example, do you prefer open ended exploration problems or focused problems with clear set objectives. Why?
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Who is your role model you look up to? Why?
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Describe a stressful moment and how you overcame it.
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