Cricket Registration Form 2019 - Year 7 to 13
Dates to know:
Years 7 and 8 - Friday 22 February Term 1, Week 3
Years 9 and 10 - Friday 15 February, Term 1, Week 2
Senior School - Friday 15 February, Term 1, Week 2

Years 7 and 8 - Term 1, Week 2 and 3 lunchtimes days TBC
Years 9 and 10 - Term 1, Week 1 and 2 afterschool days TBC
Senior School - Term 1, Week 1 and 2 afterschool days TBC

Years 7 and 8 - Term 1 - 3 x 'Twenty 20' matches
Years 9 and 10 - Terms 1 and 4 - Saturdays
Senior School - Mid January Term 1 and Term 4 Mid December - Saturdays

1st XI Camp/Preseason - Mid January
NZ Cricket Cup/ Shield Year 7 and 8 - Various dates throughout Term 1 TBC
Year 7 and 8 NH Cricket Girls Zone Day - TBC
Year 7 and 8 NH Cricket Boys Zone Day - TBC
1st XI Cup (1st XI Boys) - 'Twenty 20' tournament - Summer tournament week starting 25-29 March

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Other Assistance
Kristin Cricket needs help in various areas throughout the season. A small amount of your time will help us to continue to run successfully and provide an enjoyable environment for your children. Please indicate if you are able to assist us in any of the following areas.
Parents and/or caregivers etc.
Please √ the appropriate activity you are able to assist with.
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Season Fees and Costs
SEASON FEE: (Approximate)
1st XI Boys - $400
Premier Colts Team - $200
Year 7/8 Team - $30

Shirt - $75.95
Pants - $95.50 (1st XI Boys only)
Vest - $95.50 (1st XI Boys only)
Kristin Flexi-Cap - purchase from Retail Shop (compulsory Year 9 – 13)

Parent/Legal Guardian/ Fee Payer must complete this section
Please do not continue with completion of this form unless you are the parent/legal guardian/fee payer.
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Payment of Fees/costs *
I give permission to charge our school account to cover the above fees/costs
Permissions *
I give permission for my son/daughter to play Cricket for Kristin School.
Parent Code of Conduct
As a Kristin School parent I will to the best of my ability:
• Encourage my child and other children in their efforts in sport
• Insist that my child plays by the rules and principles of fair play
• Respect my child’s efforts and those of others at all times
• Exercise self-control as a spectator
• Always be positive and never ridicule or shout at players
• Watch my child play and let him/her enjoy the game
• Show appreciation and respect to all coaches, managers, officials and those who volunteer their time so my child can play sport
• Remember that my child plays sport for his/her reasons, not mine
• Be a positive role model for my child in my attitude towards sport
• Never place undue pressure on my child to play or perform
• Understand the laws of the game and how difficult an official’s job is in interpreting the rules

Commitment to Sport
All students who wish to play sport at Kristin are required to fully commit to the teams they play for and full attendance at trainings and/games is expected. As part of the registration process all players will be required to sign the relevant registration form, which outlines the commitment expectations for the season. Failure to uphold this agreement may result in players being stood down from games or removed from the team.

Parent Code of Conduct and Commitment to Sport *
I have read and agree to the above terms of the Parent Code of Conduct and Commitment to Sport
Athletes Agreement
As a Kristin sports member I agree to:
• Give my full commitment to my team
• Be punctual to trainings, pre-game warm up’s and games
• Always show respect and courtesy to my coach, manager and supporters
• Strive to achieve my personal best
• Play fair at all times
• Be respectful and polite to the opposition and the match officials at all times
• Wear the correct Kristin Sports uniform with pride for all games and bring the appropriate gear to trainings and games
Athletes Agreement *
My child has read and agrees to the above terms of the Athletes Agreement
Binding Agreement *
I have signed this on my own behalf and on behalf of the student as a parent or in locus parenti. By submitting, I am delivering an electronic signature that will have the same effect as an original manual paper signature. The electronic signature will be equally as binding as an original manual paper signature.
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