Homecoming 2012 Parade Application

Sign up now to participate in the 2013 Homecoming Parade on Saturday, October 12, at 1:00pm.

Parade Date: October 12, 2013
Parade Start Time: 1:00 pm
Line-up Location: Hardees Parking lot
Check-in: Hardees Parking Lot, beginning at 12:00 pm
Participant Line-up Time: all entries must be lined up by 12:30 pm

Float and Banner Requirements
The float or banner must include somewhere, the items listed below:
A. A clear representation of Spartan Spirit and/or the Homecoming theme.
B. Organization/Department/Group Name
C. Theme and Slogan: Come Home to the Arts
D. Homecoming 2013
Float Guidelines:
1. A float is a decorated vehicle or trailer.
2. Size Limits (according to city ordinances):
A. The float height is not to exceed the height of local power lines.
B. The float width is not to exceed the width of Parade route streets.
C. The length is unlimited, but the float must be able to turn corners, as well as have reasonable amount of maneuverability.
3. Manual or motor parts may be used.
4. No float may contain any form of open flame, drug or alcohol paraphernalia.
5. All candy must be handed to spectators by walking representatives in the parade. No candy may be thrown or tossed.
6. No person who starts the parade on a float is allowed to get off the float until the parade is finished. If seated, everyone must remain seated during the entire time of the parade. If standing, they need to be holding on to a stationary object. The driver and anyone in the cab of the vehicle must be wearing seat belts.

Note: If a float is deemed inappropriate, does not follow the guidelines, or is dangerous in any way, it will be removed from the parade route immediately. If there are any concerns of appropriateness or safety, please talk with the Office of Student Activities (osa@dbq.edu) as soon as possible.

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