Ixodes Outreach Project Spring 2021 Community Outreach Talk Registration
Thank you for your interest in the Ixodes Outreach Project.  

The Ixodes Outreach Project has received funding from the National Library of Medicine to provide Outreach Programming this spring.

We are offering free a Zoom presentation to the community on April 22nd at 5pm.  The talk will include a 45-60 minute Zoom presentation on

What causes Lyme Disease
How we can prevent Lyme Disease
Common Lyme disease myths
How we can make a difference in our community through research
Research being done at UMD
Citizen science efforts

For more information about the Ixodes Outreach Project, our work and our staff please visit our social media sites:

Ixodes Outreach Project Blog:  https://ixodesoutreachproject.blogspot.com/
Ixodes Outreach Project Tick Risk Story Map:  https://z.umn.edu/IOP-storymap

Questions about our work and this mailing list should be directed to ixodesoutreach@gmail.com.
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