DepicT! 16 Booking Form
DepicT! '16 winning shorts - Available for bookings free of charge on DVD and DCP

Watershed invites exhibitors (cinemas, festivals, community cinemas, etc…) to showcase the winning DepicT! '16 super shorts free of charge on DCP (or DVD). DepicT! is Watershed’s international short film competition as part of Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival (19 - 24 Sept 2017), challenging filmmakers from all over the globe to create tiny shorts of 90 secs or less.

How does it work:

- The DepicT! '16 winning shorts below are now BBFC certificated; screen them either in front of a feature film run or as you see fit

- To book the films, fill in this (very) short form

- Please let audiences know that the 2017 DepicT! call for entries will open on on Wed 22nd Feb. Deadline for entries: 3rd July either in person or online.

- After your, screening, you will be asked how many people came along

For those of you that organise short film nights, note that the full 2016 shortlist and Best of DepicT! is available for bookings on DVD. We also regularly create tailor made selections from the archive for festivals. Dig into the archive and don’t hesitate to get in touch with Clare Leczycki if you have a specific request or query: email:

LIVING U Dir: Ben Mankin | UK | 2016 1min 44 seconds Winner of The RPS Cinematography Award
In a run-down doctor's waiting room… What lies beneath?

IMPACTS U Dir: Petra Balekic | Croatia | 2016 | 1 min 44 seconds Winner of Main DepicT! Award & Random Acts Special Mention
What happens norms are broken by individuals?

PIG DREAM 15 Dir: Lee Charlish | UK | 2016 | 1 min 45 seconds DepicT! British Special Mention
Monsters don’t live under your bed; they live inside your head.

RUN BOY PG Dir: Meg Bagadion | Philippines | 2016 | 1 min 44 seconds Winner of The DepicT! Audience Award
A missing toy and throws a boy into a tantrum that changes his life.


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