Rhodanic Republic - Recruitment Application
Recruitment Application for Rhodanic Republic
What is your In-game name? *
The name you will be using while playing Bannerlord.
What is your Steam name? *
Your current profile name on steam.
What is your Steam Profile Link? *
Go onto steam, hover over "Your Name" then click Profile then right click anywhere on the page and "Copy page URL"
Why do you want to join the clan? *
Give a couple of sentences on why you want to join.
What is your age? *
We do not discriminate age and base our application acceptance off maturity and willingness.
Do you have any past Mount & Blade experience? *
Do you have any past experience playing any of the past Mount & Blade series?
Do you have Teamspeak 3? *
*You need Teamspeak 3 installed to join*
Is this application easy to understand? *
Do you think this application is easy to understand?
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