Families Seeking A Week-to-Week Nanny
Matching nannies with families LIVE OUT local placements

At Choice Parenting we understand that this is an unprecedented time that we are living in for both families and nannies. Because of this, we are changing our nanny placement structure to assist families who may be unsure the duration of their childcare needs long term.


Consultation and Search fee:

Cost Paid to Nanny:
$20-$25 hourly for agreed upon hours for the weekly schedule paid at the end of the weekly term

Choice Parenting Fee:
20% of the nanny’s weekly pay, to be paid at the beginning of the nanny’s weekly term

Background Check:
A one time fee of $50 paid for private investigator check per individual

This is a week to week commitment between you and the nanny. At the end of the week term, you may request your nanny for an additional week’s term and pay the 20% weekly fee to Choice Parenting. This can continue as long as needed, as long as you and the nanny are both in agreement of continuing, and the household is healthy. If you decide to use your nanny as a permanent placement the fees paid to Choice Parenting can be rolled into our nanny placement fee ($2750 minus the fees already paid to Choice Parenting).

If the nanny’s household or client’s household becomes ill there is no required payment beyond what was worked by the nanny. There will be no refund on Choice Parenting fees.

If a shelter in place mandate is ordered and the nanny wants to leave earlier, there will be no required payment beyond what was worked. No refund on Choice Parenting or private investigation/background check fees.

How this works:
Fill out our information form below to schedule a call to discuss your childcare needs and our services. After our conversation, if together, we believe Choice Parenting services can meet your needs and expectations we work to schedule a 1 hour consultation (phone or virtual meetings during COVID) with Holly Flanders. The consultation is a non-refundable deposit of $150. After our consultation will request a signed copy of our Family Nanny Placement agreement to initiate your search.

During this 1 hour consultation we will review and discuss:
-Your family’s unique needs, preferences, parenting style and overall hopes for this important role
-The type of personality, experiences, and skill set this individual will need to possess to be well-suited for this position
-Salary, benefits, tax and labor laws with recommendations for a free consultation with payroll professionals
-The current nanny market costs and trends
-Overview of Choice Parenting procedures for the search and screening efforts
-Advice on how to best use our childcare guides and templates throughout the hiring process to ensure a healthy, long-term employment relationship.
-Topics such as:Interview questions and tips; a detailed nanny “contract"/employment handbook sample template and guide; reference questions; recommendations for the trial period, training, quality control checks, on-going communication, reviews and more. ​

​Step 2: Search and Screening Process

​After determining the type of applicant that is best suited for your needs, Choice Parenting will begin actively searching for a quality candidate to fit your position using our current database of screened candidates, family referrals, nanny networks as well as our targeted online marketing efforts.

​Step 3: Profiles and Interviews

​We will assist in setting up interviews at a time that is convenient for you- (video meetings during COVID only). Before you meet the candidate, we will send you their profiles which will include: a work, childcare, skills, and education overview; notes from our interview process; childcare employment references and their feedback; and a personalized message outlining why we believe this individual may be a good fit for the position.

​Step 4:
Once you have met the candidate that you feel is a good match for your family, we will assist you in extending your offer and advise you on the details of your work agreement and run the final pieces of our background check.

Step 5: Pay the first week’s 20% Choice Parenting Fee and start your weekly schedule with the nanny. Choice Parenting is dedicated to supporting you and your nanny not just through the nanny hiring process but as you begin your relationship together. You are welcome to reach out to us at any time with questions as our goal is for you to have a successful relationship with your child’s caregiver as a long-lasting employment arrangement or for the duration of your childcare needs.

Outline the commitment of 3-7 days
Scheduled hours of 6-10 hours per day required (so that it is worth the nanny’s time/commuting time/cost)
Child-related housekeeping and duties only

Must have at least 2 years of child related professional experience (ie.daycare, nanny, education)
At least 21 years of age
Legal authorization to work in the USA
Non- smoker
Verifiable references in childcare
Good communication, punctual, professional, honest and polite.
Love and passion for educating children and helping families
The nanny and her household must be healthy to the best of their knowledge and not exhibiting any symptoms.
Nanny must practice social distancing and do her due diligence to inform family if she or someone she has been in contact with has been exhibiting symptoms before, while in service or following 2 weeks after working with a family.
Must be able to drive to work, dropped off by a family member in the home, be picked up locally by the nanny family; walk or bike to work. NO UBER or PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION.

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We will be in touch shortly to discuss your childcare needs and our services. You may also email me at hflanders@choice-parenting.com or learn more about Choice Parenting at www.choice-parenting.com. Stay safe!
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