Support Driven Mental Health Questionnaire
We're taking a pulse of how the Support Driven community is approaching mental health and the pandemic. Please tell us what you've been doing and we'll share some of the answers in an article and as part of a session on mental health at Refresh 2020. If you would rather not share through this form, you can get in touch with Sarah Betts (@sarahbetts) or Scott (@scott) in the Support Driven Slack and share with us there.
How has the pandemic affected you and your team? Has it led to any challenges?
What are you doing for your and your team's mental health and motivation?
What is something you've tried that did not work? Why do you think it didn't work?
How do you talk to your team about mental health and mental health struggles?
How do you deal with bias and discrimination around mental health?
Your name (if you're okay with sharing your name or handle on Slack - you can leave this blank if you wish to remain anonymous)
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