Public Galaxy Server Submission Form
Please use this form to submit information about your public Galaxy server. New servers will show up on the Public Galaxy Servers directory ( within a week of submission.

Public server descriptions have this information:

Server Name

Links: Image that links to server
* Server name, linking to server
* Any other important links

* A brief description of what the server specialized in. This can be specific tools, or a part of the tree of life, or a particular type of method (for example, RNA-Seq)

* Additional information about the server. Can be brief, or up to a few paragraphs long.

User Support:
* What type of support is offered. Is there a manual, tutorials, a mailing list, or an email address?

* Can anyone use it, or just academics. What quotas are enforced on anonymous and registered users.

* What organizations are supporting / hosting this server?

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