WeSolveProblems Entrance Maths Olympiad 2017-18
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Problem 1. Boys and girls were playing on a beach. Some of them were barefoot, and some had their shoes on. The teacher looked at the children, and was very surprised to find out that the number of barefoot boys was equal to the number of girls wearing shoes. Can you compare the number of girls and the number of barefoot children on the beach?
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Problem 2. Brownies were cutting a long log with a saw. They made 11 cuts. How many blocks of wood did they make?
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Problem 3. How many two-digit numbers have their sum of digits equal to 10?
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Problem 4. How many squares can you find on the picture below?
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Problem 5. Which fraction is the smallest among the listed below?
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Problem 6. Doctor Who says ``I am 1104 years old not counting the Sundays''. How old is Dr Who?
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Problem 7. A brick weighs 2kg and a third of its own weight. How heavy is the brick?
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Problem 8. If I multiply all the odd numbers between 1 and 99, what will be the last digit of the product?
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