"Come As You Are: Art of the 1990s" Mixtape Submission
If you are submitting a sweet, sweet, 90s playlist to us to either listen to and/or dub onto a cassette for our visitors to listen to, you're in the right place.
Your last name or group name *
If it's just you sending us this playlist, put your last name here ("Buzzo"). If you're sending on behalf of a band, or organization, put the full name of that group here ("The Melvins").
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Your first name
If it's just you, and not a band or something, your first name goes here. If you're submitting on behalf of a band or group, leave this one blank.
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Your mixtape name *
This is the name you've given to your playlist. This is what we'll write on the spine of the cassette, so keep it reasonably short, please.
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Tell us about you: *
Give us a short description of who you are, in just a couple of sentences. Something like "King Buzzo is the lead guitarist in the Melvins. He likes quiet walks on the beach and reading the collected works of Jackie Collins."
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Your Twitter handle (totally optional)
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Your mixtape URL - Side A *
Your playlist will be split across two sides of a 90-minute cassette, so we recommend creating two playlists, one for side A and one for side B. Each playlist should be less than 45 minutes long. Just copy and paste the URL for side A of your playlist here, and we'll take care of the rest. Make sure that your playlist is set to "public" (on Spotify, your URL should start with something like "http://open.spotify.com/user...").
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Your mixtape URL - Side B *
Copy and paste the URL for your side B of your playlist here.
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Tell us about your mixtape.
Is there something you want to tell us about this mixtape, or about particular songs contained in it? Put that stuff in here. Feel free to write as much as you'd like.
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Do you give us permission to post your mixtape (and your answers to these questions) on our website, and to record your playlists onto a cassette tape for visitors to listen to while at the Blanton? *
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