CWRC Project Proposal
CWRC Projects are projects that have been approved for resources beyond the default resource allocation provided to each member of the Collaboratory. Please complete this form to provide information about your project and its needs. Your materials will be provided to the CWRC Research Board in consideration of your application.

In contrast to individual researchers' spaces, which need only abide by the "Terms of Use" (, two types of projects within CWRC require formal approval.

The first is an internal project, whose data and whose interface both reside wholly within CWRC's site, but which have a project logo and project homepage and may have either a project-specific CWRC URL ( or a redirect from a project-specific URL (projectname.domain). The project charter associated with CWRC projects can be found here:

The second is a multisite project, whose data resides within CWRC and can be discovered, accessed, and (where permitted) modified within the CWRC site, but which has in addition a separate interface that can be accessed separately from CWRC. This interface resides on the CWRC servers but its maintenance is the responsibility of the multisite project. There is for multisites an addendum ( to the project charter (

If you have any questions about the two types of projects, you can pose them at the end of this form or you can contact cwrc /at / ualberta / dot / ca. You are strongly encouraged to consult with a member of the CWRC team prior to submitting an application.

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