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This information is required to register with the accrediting organization. It will be maintained confidential. It is important we know of this, if we are to account for any special needs you may have.
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If you are not employed in the pet industry, please provide the name of the organization you currently work for
If you work with animals, describe your work
Have you gone over the BHARCS Code of Conduct and are sure you will not be in violation of it at any point of time? *
If you are unsure where to find this Code, please contact our IQA or student coordinator or our office. If you feel you cannot be 100% in compliance with the code, please explain why that is.
Will you proactively seek a BHARCS audit for your professional practises? *
BHARCS students who are working with dogs are expected to do their best to comply with our BHARCS Code. While they may not already being doing so, our aim is to regularly audit the business and provide recommendations to move the business ethics in the right direction and towards this end, we need your commitment to want to do the same. This entails regular audits and a promise to try your best to put our suggestions into practise. If you are currently not working, but intend to work with dogs in the future, the same expectation applies to you.
Do you understand that BHARCS works on an honour system and so expects 100% honesty from students *
Please note that BHARCS relies heavily on an honour system. So if you feel like you cannot be 100% honest with us, please provide us an explanation for the same.
Why do you want to do BACBED? *
Why did you specifically choose BHARCS? *
For each of the following practises, please select what is most appropriate *
I do not do this
I used to, but I do not anymore
I do it and will continue to do so
Participate in large dog events
Breed dogs (home or commercial)
Train dogs using dominance techniques
Obedience training using R+
Host multiple dogs in one space at a time
Sell/use products like choke collars, martingales, shock collars and bark collars
Do you sell crates, flat collars, leashes shorter than 3 mtrs or retractable leashes
Do you use flat collars and leashes shorter than 3 mtrs, retractable leashes or crates
Do you advocate the use of any of the products mentioned above?
Reason for possible violation of BHARCS Code
If you are currently or in the past were engaged in practises that go against the BHARCS Code or you think may go against the BHARCS code, please provide us with an explanation as to what is the reason behind it. It does not disqualify you from enrollment. We will consider it on a case by case basis and take a decision after talking to you and deliberation within our team.
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