BYU-Idaho Music Admission and Scholarship Application
*PLEASE READ* This application must be completed in one sitting. You cannot save your responses or make changes once it has been submitted. Please review the questions prior to starting the application in order to have the required information prepared. Information about audition requirements can be found at, and any general questions about the application can be answered by calling the BYU-Idaho Department of Music at (208) 496-4950 Monday through Friday between 8 am and 5 pm MST.
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The Department of Music has limited control over assigning tracks for music majors to help balance studios and ensembles across all three semesters. Please indicate your preferred track, including an explanation of any special circumstances.
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A brief description of your musical background including any special achievements or recognitions you have received, your long-term goals in music including intended major and career, and what you hope to gain from your studies at BYU-Idaho. Limit response to 1500 characters (approx. 300 words).
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