Troop 572 March 2018 Outing - Lodge Camping at Bears Den and Cooking Merit Badge
Event Dates: Friday, March 9, 2018 to Sunday, March 11, 2018
Description: The outing for March is lodge camping at Bears Den. It's only about a half an hour away. The lodge supplies the beds and all the linens (towels, wash clothes, pillow cases, and bed sheets). One of the activities for this event will be the Cooking Merit Badge with Mr. Miller as the counselor. Mr. Miller will send out an email as to what prerequisites should be fulfilled before this outing. Everyone is welcome even if you are not planning to participate in the merit badge. Another activity will be determined for those scouts. Look out for a separate email with more details.

Depart: McLean Insurance Parking Lot Friday, March 9 drop off 6:00 pm departure 6:30 pm . Please ensure that your scout has already eaten dinner.

Return: to McLean Insurance Parking Lot Sunday, March 11 ETA 10:30 am (look for an email that morning for exact time)

Bears Den
18393 Blue Ridge Mountain Road
Bluemont, VA 20135
Phone: (540) 554-8708
Contact Person: Gary

Coordinating Reservations: Cindy Rigoli,
Coordinating SM: Matt Miller
Scout Price: $95.00
Adult Price: No fee for adults

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