Cultivating Resistance Herbal CSA --- from herbalist, Monica Ganguly
To access seasonal fresh herbs and herbal medicines directly.
To connect to the land through plant-based healing, wellness, and education.
To build your home apothecary to take care of you and your loved ones.

Each season on the equinoxes and solstices--spring (March 20), summer (June 21), fall (Sept 22), and winter (Dec 21), I'll prepare a bundle of 5-7 handmade herbal medicines that are seasonally relevant to your physical, emotional, and mental health. Each medicine will be made with as many locally sourced herbs as possible, from my garden and the land we live on.

You can order single or double shares. Single shares are good for individuals; double shares feature twice the amount of each item and are better suited for families or households. For single shares, tinctures are 1oz and teas are 1/2 pint. For double shares, tinctures are 2oz and teas are 1 pint. Pick up your shares each season at my home/garden/apothecary at 501 E Trinity Ave in Durham.

Check out the list from last year's Herbal CSA at the bottom of the form to get a sense of what will be included.

Please contact me if you want any extra items, if you have questions about the best way to use your new medicine, or if you want to order other items along with your share. With questions or to schedule an herbal consultation for more detailed health advice, email me at

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How much do you want to contribute for your share(s)? Shares are available at a suggested sliding scale rate of $50-$80 for each season, based on your income level. Or pre-order for 3 shares (summer, fall, and winter) at the suggested sliding scale rate of $135-$225.
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Past Seasonal Shares Included:
Spring Share delivered on March 20th 2017:
Keep It Moving Tincture -- cleavers, ground ivy, yarrow
Calm the Spirit Tea -- catnip, tulsi, lemon balm, borage, wood betony, nettles, fenugreek, rose
Be Calm, Blister Balm -- lemon balm, echinacea, tulsi, olive oil, beeswax
Wild Greens infused vinegar -- vinegar infused with chickweed, nettle, cleavers, ground ivy, chives
Healing Wound Powder -- yarrow, usea, tumeric
Speedwell Flower Essence

Wintertime Share delivered on December 21st 2016:
Elderberry syrup
Cold and Flu Tincture
Deep Sleep Tea
Fire Cider
Immune Boosting Broth Mix
Valerian Flower Essence

Fall Share delivered on Sept 22 2016:
Adaptogen Tincture
Muscle and Joint Health Tincture
Digestive Chai
Green Tonic Tea
Wild Greens Seasoning Salt
Magnolia Flower Essence
Option of either Cough Syrup or Smoke Mix

Summertime Share delivered on June 20th 2016:
Wound Heal Salve -- plantain, violet, chickweed, gotu cola
Nerve and Adrenal Tonic Tincture -- oats, holy basil, schizandra, passionflower, pine pollen
Deep Relief Tea -- ginkgo, catnip, lemon balm, agrimony, peppermint
Spiritual Bath mixture -- rue, motherwort, mugwort, yarrow, lavender, rose, jasmine
Skin Soothing Liniment -- plantain, yarrow, echinacea
Comfrey Flower Essence

Springtime Share delivered on March 20th 2016:
Digestive Bitters Tincture -- angelica, elecampane, feverfew, gentian
Allergy Relief Tea --red clover, goldenrod, nettle, plantain, elder flower, lyre leaf sage
Athlete's Energy Tea --eleuthro, schizandra, burdock, sassafras, orange peel, reishi
Wild Greens Vinegar -- infused with: chickweed, cleavers, nettle, dandelion greens, creasy greens, ground ivy, wild onions
Bloodroot Flower Essence
Option of either Mouthwash or Facial Toner (plantain/rosemary for oily and combination skin, yarrow/rose for dry skin)

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