Pawsome Exotic Small Mammal Sanctuary and Rescue Adoption Application
Before adopting any animal, we ask that you fill out our Adoption Application. This application allows us to provide loving, responsible, forever homes for our animals. This information also allows us to better assist you in finding a perfect pet for you. Please fill out this short application and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

To be considered for adoption you need to:

-Be at least 18 years old
-Pass home inspection
-Have basic knowledge on the type of pet you’re interested in adopting.
-Understand Pawsome reserves the right to refuse the adoption of any animal.
-Pawsome has a life time return policy. If, for whatever reason, you no longer want the pet you adopted from us you must return them to us.
-Have a vet prior to adopting an animal and if not we have a list of approved vets for you.
-Provide your vet information for our records
-Your vet is required to notify us if you: miss appointments, refuse vaccines or treatment, if the animal looks mistreated, or if they haven’t seen the animal in a year.
-Pawsome has reserves the right to repossess the animal if we feel the animal is not being treated correctly or to our requirements.

Our contact information:

Phone: (254) 247-8231

Do you have a specific animal(s) you're interested in adopting?
Please provide the animal(s) names. If you have no preference, just list the species you're interested in.
Your answer
Are you willing to drive to us to pick up your animal(s) once you've been approved?
We are willing to travel short distances, but it's hard for us to travel far. Depending on your location we are able to meet half way. This is something to consider when adopting from us.
Your answer
Applicant name:
Your answer
Your answer
Home phone:
Your answer
Cell phone:
Your answer
Home e-mail:
Your answer
Alternate e-mail:
Your answer
Where do you live?
Do you:
How many years have you lived at this address?
Your answer
Does your lease allow the animal you plan to adopt from us?
If yes, would you be willing to provide proof of this?
Do we have permission to visit your home?
If not, please give a reason:
Your answer
Do you anticipate moving soon?
If yes, when?
Your answer
List all human members of your household and ages of children:
Your answer
Do any members of your household have any known allergies to animals?
If yes, please describe:
Your answer
Do you currently have other pets?
If yes, list all animals (including roommates’ animals).
Describe type, age, sex, altered, kept indoors or outdoors, and how long you’ve owned them.
Your answer
List pets owned over the past 10 years and where they are now:
Your answer
Have you ever surrendered an animal to an animal shelter?
If yes, what were the circumstances?
Your answer
Please state your reason for wanting an exotic as a companion:
If you're adopting an animal from us that isn't an exotic, simply answer this question, but rephrased for the animal you're interested in.
Your answer
Do you have a veterinarian experienced in treating exotics?
If you're adopting an animal from us that isn't an exotic, simply answer this question, but rephrased for the animal you're interested in.
Veterinarian’s name and phone number:
Your answer
Where will you keep your new pet?
Your answer
What housing do you plan to use for your new pet?
Please list cage brand and full dimensions. Pictures may be requested by email. If you're adopting a cat from us this question does not apply. If you are adopting a dog, simply put the type of enclosure you plan to keep them in while you're gone, sleeping, or traveling.
Your answer
What type of food and bedding do you plan to use for your new pet?
Please list the brand of food, instead of saying "lab blocks" or "kibble". If you are unsure, we are willing to give you recommendations. Just ask!
Your answer
How much time per day will you be able to interact with your new pet?
Your answer
If you suddenly relocated or had other drastic lifestyle changes that made it hard to keep your animal(s) what would you do with him/her?
Your answer
Who will care for your animal(s) when you go out of town, or in case of an emergency?
Your answer
If your animal(s) becomes seriously ill or injured and your veterinarian says expensive medical treatment is needed, what will you be willing do?
Your answer
To provide food and medical care for this exotic, I anticipate spending yearly:
Are you committed to taking full responsibility for your animal(s)'s health and welfare for the rest of its life, which could be 10 years or more?
Is there anything else you'd like to include with your application?
Your answer
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