Welcome Letter: Intro to Web Design with Ms. Anderson, Fall 2016
Dear Parents,
Welcome to a new semester! I would like to take a few moments to introduce myself. My name is Linda Anderson and I will be your student’s teacher for the Introduction to Web Design course. This is my third year at Natick High School, and my 11th year of teaching. Students in Intro. to Web Design will learn the basics of photo editing in Photoshop, principles of design, and HTML and CSS, to build websites from scratch using a text editor such as Atom and Adobe Dreamweaver. No prior coding experience is expected. From their experience in this class, students will be well positioned to further develop newfound interests which may include: Advanced Web Design and Dreamweaver certification, Graphic Design and Photoshop certification, and learning Java in Computer Science. As an educator, I value the opportunity to introduce students to coding and design technology so that students have the tools and confidence to continue to create and learn new skills in the rapidly evolving technological world in which we live.

Over the semester students will create projects offline, and will have the option to "go live" with their final project website at the end of the semester. I would like to ask for your permission to allow your student to publish their work on the NHS Web Design department site at www.natickhighwebdesign.com. Also, I request that each student purchase a 2 GB flash drive (approximately, $5.00). If your student already has a flash drive, a new one is probably not necessary. The flash drive will enable your student to back up work as well as move between laptop and classroom computers. Students should bring in a flash drive and submit this form below by Thursday, February 2nd.

For further information including the class syllabus, examples of student work, and general information about my classroom visit: http://www.natickhighwebdesign/anderson
Linda Anderson
Natick High School Web Design & Media Arts

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