Application for GIFEW transformational educational programme
Good afternoon.

To inquire about and join any of GIFEW programs or events, please engage with us:

- Fill out the inquiry, application or reservation form
- We review it and you will be invited for a personal conversation with the right person from our GIFEW team

- You will be advised which programme or event would be the best fit for you

- You will also receive further details on the programme or event of your choice

- Next, we will confirm your place and date

- For any consultation or inquiry please contact Tatiana Benkova by email - she will be happy to talk to you and advise you.

All of the information in this form is confidential and will be used solely for the application process. The information serves to provide us with a good understanding of your aspirations, priorities, needs and your current situation. This application will help us to evaluate which of GIFEW program is suitable for you.

We will contact you within few days after receiving your application.

We appreciate your trust.

With kind regards,

The GIFEW team
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