The Dance Current - Survey
The Dance Current is celebrating twenty years of publishing content about dance in Canada.
As a member of our community, your input is vital to help guide the future direction of our work.

This survey is sixteen (16) questions in length and takes approximately 10-15 mins to complete.

1. Select your age: *
2. Where do you live? (If outside of Canada, provide location in 'Other' ) *
3. What format do you use most often to access information about dance? *
4. Approximately how much time per week do you spend accessing information on dance in this way? *
5. In what format would you like to see more dance content?
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6. What are the three (3) main reasons you access information about dance? *
7. How did you first come to discover The Dance Current? *
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8. What is one thing you feel the The Dance Current is doing well? *
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9. How would you rate The Dance Current's content with respect to the following: *
Very good
Overall quality
Quality compared to other sources of dance content
Relevance to development of the dance field
Representation of dance forms and practices
Reliability of information
10. In general, what topics or issues do you think are missing from media coverage on dance? *
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11. Is The Dance Current’s content applicable to the type of dance you engage with (study, teach, watch etc.)? Why or why not? *
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12. Is there a way that The Dance Current's media content could better serve your needs?
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13. We want to continue providing high quality dance content that fairly compensates our staff and writers. We want to balance this with providing the access to content you desire. Which of the following statements best reflects your spending attitudes? (check all that apply) *
14. What is your relationship to dance? (check all that apply) *
15. Lastly, please detail your relationship to The Dance Current: (check all that apply) *
16. Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?
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