Questionnaire on Litter
Keep Arkansas Beautiful wants to understand what Arkansans think about littering, recycling and beautification. Your participation in this survey is appreciated, and your responses will be kept confidential (will not be attributed to you in any identifiable way). This survey should take you about three minutes to complete. Thank you!

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Do you know people who litter, or have you seen someone litter?
Have you littered in the past?
Have you littered before? (check the most recent timeframe)
Is littering illegal in Arkansas?
How do you define litter?
Your answer
Please check all the items you consider litter.
Have you ever been given a warning or citation for littering by law enforcement?
Do you pick up litter when you see it?
Have you heard of Keep Arkansas Beautiful?
Otto the Otter is Keep Arkansas Beautiful's mascot. Have you seen, heard of or met him?
Where have you seen or heard about Keep Arkansas Beautiful or Otto? (check all that apply)
Have you heard of Keep America Beautiful?
Have you heard of the Great Arkansas Cleanup?
Have you heard of the Great American Cleanup?
Have you ever volunteered with a group to pick up litter in your community or neighborhood?
Did you know there is an anonymous, toll-free hotline where you can report littering?
Have you ever used the hotline to report littering?
Do you use reusable totes for shopping (vs. the plastic sacks or paper bags provided by the retailer)?
Do you recycle at home or at work?
What items do you recycle? (Check all that apply)
Do you think your community could look better?
Does your community have trees and flowers in public spaces?
Does your community have public parks and other public outdoor spaces?
Do you believe beautification efforts can make a community safer?
Do you believe well-maintained, pretty places can attract tourism?
Do you believe well-maintained, pretty places can attract new business and jobs?
What is your gender?
What is your age?
Where do you live? (Please list county.)
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