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Thank you for filling out this form, to help us to get to know you. If you have any questions please contact us at This is expression of interest not an enrollment form, your details will be added to our waiting list in the order we receive them. Our co-op fee for the year (per family) is $80 with a cost of $45/week most terms being 10 weeks long. Sibling discounts apply.
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Roles and Responsibilities: Nature Kids Co-op runs for the benefit of our children, with this in mind, NKC (by play and learn) is operated as a charitable trust, through the Out & About Life Education Trust. In order to keep our costs low our parents agree to be part of fulfilling co-op commitments. We aim to keep time to an hour per week, currently our roster is full and we are sharing some roles. Please select a minimum of 3 roles of interest: *
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