Learner satisfaction survey
Totton College, Nacro
1. Is your course what you expected? *
2. Do you feel supported to achieve your learning goals and targets? *
3. What do you LIKE about your course? *
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4. What do you DISLIKE about your course?
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5. How often do you have a one-to-one to discuss your progress with your Progress Coach?
6. Do you feel that your course will help you move on to the next step of education or employment? *
7. How likely are you to attend College every day (or as often as you are required to)? *
Very likely
Not likely at all
8. What things STOP you attending every day?
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9. Do you know how to make a comment, suggestion or complaint to the College? *
10. How safe do you feel while at the College? *
Extremely safe
Not safe at all
11. Would you know who to speak to if you felt unsafe or have concerns over safety? *
12. During the last term, did you hear from staff about the radicalisation and/or extremism? *
13. Would you know who to speak to if someone you know is at risk of radicalisation? *
14. Have you been given an opportunity to get involved in Student Council meetings? *
15. Are you a member of the Student Union? *
16. If you are not a member of the Student Union, why not?
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