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What is a Reaping Event and How Much Money Can I Request?
There are two types of evangelistic outreach initiatives that are funded through the Outreach Ministries Department of the Oregon Conference: Approximately 20 larger-scale reaping series and approximately 20 smaller-scale/innovative approaches are budgeted for annually. Timely submission of requests for funding is highly recommended.
1. Larger-scale Reaping Series
Larger-scale reaping series typically are held over a period of 3-6 weeks. These meetings involve coaching by the Outreach Ministries department, regular planning meetings and comprehensive pre-work. Based on the population surrounding the church, the funding from the conference for these meetings will be $15-$20K, with a matching amount coming from the local church (50/50), resulting in an overall budget of $30-$40K. Please make contact with the Outreach Ministries Director before submitting a budget for this category.
2. Smaller-scale\Innovative Approaches
Smaller-scale reaping meetings or innovative evangelistic approaches can receive funding for up to 75% of expenses with a maximum of $5,000 funded by the conference, with the balance coming from the local church. Consultation regarding innovative approaches that would qualify is recommended before submitting the funding request.
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