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What is a Reaping Event and How Much Money Can I Request?
There are two types of evangelistic outreach initiatives that are funded through the Outreach Ministries Department of the Oregon Conference: For 2021, approximately 10 larger-scale reaping series and approximately 20 smaller-scale/innovative approaches are budgeted for. Additional online opportunities are provided Oregon-wide at no cost for the local church. Timely submission of requests for funding is highly recommended.
1. Larger-scale Reaping Series
Larger-scale reaping series typically are held over a period of 3-6 weeks. These meetings involve coaching by the Outreach Ministries department, regular planning meetings and comprehensive pre-work. Based on the population surrounding the church, the funding from the conference for these meetings will be $10-$15K, with a matching amount coming from the local church (50/50), resulting in an overall budget of $20-$30K. Please make contact with the Outreach Ministries Director before submitting a budget for this category.
2. Smaller-scale\Innovative Approaches
Smaller-scale reaping meetings or innovative evangelistic approaches can receive funding for up to 75% of expenses with a maximum of $5,000 funded by the conference, with the balance coming from the local church. For 2021, up to half of these funds can be utilized for relevant equipment purchases that enable online evangelistic initiatives (Rob Zama from the Outreach Ministries department is available for advice/input regarding equipment choices). Note: $500 additional equipment allowance is also available from the Union, if the series is "full-message"
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