Old Country Supper Theatre Volunteer Server Sign-Up
Please sign up here to serve in the Forkland Heritage Festival & Revue's Old Country Supper Theatre. Servers must be between the ages of 8 and 18.

Servers are expected to meet in the theatre at 5:00 pm on each night of the Festival.

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Dress Code:
No holes, rips, or tears are permitted.
Jewelry must be very limited.
No face painting or visible temporary/henna tattoos.

Blue Jean Bib Overalls (no jeans)
White Shirt
Boots, neutral colored tennis shoes, etc.

Green gingham dress OR skirt
White Shirt
Hair pulled back (required by health department)
Flats, boots, neutral colored tennis shoes, etc.

Do you need to borrow a skirt or blue jean bib overalls (limited supply)? *
Would you like to be provided with a training video prior to the festival? *
When can you serve? *
For more information or questions regarding the theatre or festival, call Jordan Hourigan at (270) 402-7243.
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