Stroud Homes Subcontractor Induction (Company Owners)
NOTE: This induction quiz is for contractors/company owners.
Employees of contractors should use this induction:

1.  Fill in your details. Your induction is good for all locations but indicate the main Stroud Homes location you are working with. This helps us keep track of records.

2.  Watch the VIDEOS by James Stroud and complete the QUIZ questions. He will outline the standards that are expected when you are working on site. You can also take a look at the course notes:

Course Notes:

3.  IMPORTANT: You need to answer ALL questions and you need to get all questions CORRECT but you can re-attempt the quiz as many times as you need.

4.  At the end of this quiz SUBMIT your results. You can then VIEW SCORE. If all correct (33/33) then you are finished. If you got some wrong then you can EDIT RESPONSE and SUBMIT again.
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Customer Communication
At Stroud Homes we want you to avoid in depth conversations with the customer. This is because: Select one (1) answer. *
1 point
If a customer visits the site which of the following is OK to say or do? Select any three (3) that apply. *
1 point
Site Neatness & Signs
Mark the following statements as true or false:
A clean and tidy site reduces workplace health and safety risks
1 point
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Clean up your work area every day
1 point
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If I am working at the back of a large home I can make a new pile of rubbish there
1 point
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If you are doing work on site after handover and no bin is available what should you do? Select the one (1) correct answer:
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Which of the following statements about Stroud Homes site signs are correct? Select any two (2) responses that apply.
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