Build the Best Possible New Normal
Today, it is clearer than ever that we all need to transform the way we go about our lives and our work. We are all faced with some hard choices. We all need to learn how to best adapt to the new environment. As we move towards the new normal, priorities have shifted, markets have changed, a massive amount of organizations will have to evolve or perish.

About the Genius in Action Program
We developed the infrastructure and the network to make these shifts as easy, light and enjoyable for you as we can possibly imagine. We use a framework that allows you to see the tree while keeping in mind the forest. The framework we use will allow you to clarify what matters most in 4 different areas: ME, WE, IT, the world.

As we clarify where you seek to go, you will gain access to curated introductions to potential partners, team members, customers or investors. Many of you may not want to go to the entrepreneurial route and are pursuing a more fulfilling job with more opportunities for growth. If this is your case, this program still helps you because it allows you to clarify what is truly meaningful to you and it allows me (Gabriela) to give you the most relevant connections that can help you get there.

This program is about clarifying your path towards better adjusting to this new environment. It is about learning how to be effective and fast pivoting. It is a program about building real mutually beneficial partnerships. It is about developing a global network.

As Steve Covey would say: You will start with an end in mind. And this gets done by clarifying your vision, your purpose and your goals. While we will be working on clarifying your strategy and priorities, you will also be part of a cohort that will encourage you to act upon what matters most in a consistent manner. Along the program, you will learn to adjust and refine your priorities, your goals and plans as you move forward.

Ready to get started? Please answer the questions below, to the best of your ability, so we can get a more accurate baseline of where you stand and seek to go.
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As you pivot, focus on the very few things that matter
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Let's clarify your starting point
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The most pressing and strategic one for you.
What have you tried in the past 6 months to make progress in your chosen area? *
The one you felt helped you the most
Let's clarify your Best Possible Outcome
Possibilities are endless. Let your imagination and your hope for the future run wild. The best, is yet to come! Truly.
Imagine you've overcome all your current challenges. Please describe how that looks like. *
The sky is the limit. Feel free to provide a detailed description of your ideal scenario.
Keeping your ideal scenario in mind - meaning having successfully overcome all your current challenges- please describe what you and your partners are able to accomplish. *
Feel free to provide a detailed description of the possibilities of what you can accomplish. Make sure you take a moment to enjoy this outcome. With a little time and diligence, we will get you there.
Let's clarify what might be holding you back.
We want you to be able to take action starting now.
Why might your desired outcome be difficult to achieve? What within you -your partners or the current systems you use- could hold you back? Please name one (or more) internal obstacles you expect to struggle with: *
By internal obstacles we mean those that are within the area of your control. Those that are up to you to change, stay away from or even make them better. Feel free to provide a detailed description of anything you can think of might be having an influence. Even if you find it small. Common Obstacles: a. Conflict avoidance - not having the tools to navigate different perspectives b. Getting started on addressing current challenges- being too tired​, feeling overwhelmed- c. Consistency - staying focused on moving past current challenges​. Experiencing internal distractions​, responding to external demands (reaching revenue forecasts, meeting requests, answering email, phone calls, etc.)
Response Plan - Framework 1
Here is a quick framework that might help you starting today: "If I notice (biggest internal obstacle), then I will (one thought you can have or one action you can take to overcome your internal obstacle today). Possible responses: develop more awareness of how I am feeling and let go of toxic thoughts, spend a few minutes clarifying what is bothering me and coming up with a plan to overcome it, remind myself and my partners of the goal, remind myself and my partners of past success, block access to distractions, respond to invitations and requests by politely declining, write down a list of possible next actions, make one small improvement, etc.
Response Plan - Framework 2
Here is another quick framework that might help you move forward. With your Best Possible Outcome in mind, try to reframe it as a goal. Next, try to break that goal into smaller steps. Make sure those steps are completely actionable and within your control. Do you think you can set a date for each of these steps? If you are, please share down bellow.
Is there anything you can start trying today to counter your internal obstacles, and get closer to your goal? I would love to hear how you do! *
Any questions, comments or clarifications before our call?
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