Guion Creek Middle School Cheerleading Tryouts
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Please read the following section carefully.
I understand that if I am chosen as a Guion Creek Middle School Cheerleader, I will be required to attend all practices, games and participate in all activities (clinics, fundraisers, etc.)scheduled by the coaches. My parent and I understand that there is a cost involved and my parent/guardian is prepared to purchase necessary cheer items. I understand that I am a student first and must maintain a 2.0 or higher GPA to be chosen and remain on the squad. I will have a physical on file with the Athletic Department and I am currently cleared by a physician to participate. I understand that cheerleading is a year long commitment and privilege, not a right; therefore I agree to follow ALL guidelines or will be subjected to removal from the team. *
How to submit your video:
Please view the video uploaded in the drive. You will need to learn the jumps, motions, and chant. Then you will need to record yourself executing those skills. Next, create your own creative chant to record and submit as well. Save your video as your first initial, last name, grade level (ex. LHolliday7, DCooley8) in your proper grade level folder.

**Videos MUST be submitted by FRIDAY, JULY 24th at 6pm.**

Link to drive:
(Please click on the link to request access to the drive. You will receive an email once you have been granted access.)
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