2021-22 sǝnsisyustǝn School Bus Consent Form
The primary service of this bus is to students attending sənsisyustən School. The bus provides service to other students who are First Nations status, living on IR 9 or 10, and attending Chief Tomat, Constable Neil Bruce and Mount Boucherie.

NOTE: CNB and MBSS students have limited stops after school (example: we will not go down to IR #10 afterschool or to Paradise, Jubilee, Bayview, and other stops).

SD 23 provides buses to the areas and the students not covered by our bus, please call (250) 870-5151 or visit https://transportation.sd23.bc.ca

Students who are eligible will receive a Bus Pass, which must be shown to the driver upon entering the bus. Due to COVID-19, students are required to bring their own, and to wear a mask for the duration of their bus ride.

***The school bus will follow designated routes and stops on IR #9 and IR #10***

Students must be five years of age or older to ride the bus. Non registered riders will not be permitted to ride the bus.

Parents / guardians who wish sənsisyustən students to get off at a different stop than the one registered need to contact the school thirty minutes prior to the student leaving. Changes cannot be made once the student is on the bus.

Remember, riding the school bus is a privilege, not a right, and students can be removed for their behavior. Such removal will be at the discretion of the sənsisyustən Principal or other designated WFN employee.

I hereby give my permission for my child to receive transportation from Westbank First Nation staff members through the use of licensed drivers and vehicles.

In consideration of and in return for the services, facilities, and other assistance provided to my child by Westbank First Nation, I release and hold harmless Westbank First Nation, its officers and staff, from any and all liability, claims, and actions that may arise from injury or harm to my Child, from his/her death or from damage to his/her property in connection with the Program.

I understand that this Consent Form covers liability, claims, and actions caused entirely or in part by any acts or failures to act of Westbank First Nation, its officers and staff, including, but not limited to, negligence or mistake.

I further agree to save and hold harmless, indemnify, and defend Westbank First Nation, its officers and staff, from any claim by my Child or my Child’s family, arising out of my Child’s participation in the Program.

I recognize that this Consent Form means I am giving up, among other things, rights to sue Westbank First Nation, its officers and staff, for injuries, damages, or losses my Child may incur.

I also understand that this release binds my heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, as well as myself.

Information listed on this form will not be shared with any other parties.

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I acknowledge that Westbank First Nation has recommended that I obtain independent legal advice with respect to executing this Consent Form, and that I am over 18 years of age and have either obtained such independent legal advice or have independently determined I do not require such advice. I further acknowledge and agree that I fully understand the nature and effect of this Consent Form and am executing it of own free will and with full capacity to do so.
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