JCAN Advocacy Assessment Tool
Use this form to record your baseline engagement level as a community in local, state, and national environmental issues.
How many times per year does your community organize or participate in coalitions and events to engage with local, state, or national leaders on issues related to the environment, sustainability, land conservation, or climate change?
How many times per year does your community engage in local initiatives to impact the environment, such as clean-up projects, recycling or reusing drives, land stewardship, etc.?
How much effort, including education, does your community put into making sure that every member is registered to vote and able to get to the polls for every election? 0 = no effort; 10 = ensures that all congregants are registered and able to get to the polls
What are you hoping or planning to do next?
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What resources or assistance do you need?
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What else of significance that your community does would you like to record at this time?
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