Awesome Con's Makers Market
Be part of Awesome Con’s Makers Market! Please fill out this form completely and honestly to apply for a table in the makers area at Awesome Con 2019. Before you apply, please understand…

Awesome Con's Makers Market is for creators that are primarily hand crafting products. Everything being offered for sale must be the work of the creator(s) at the table and the creator must be present at the event. You cannot sell the work of creator(s) not at your table. If the majority of your product is not your creation or not primarily hand made, we invite you to contact John O'Marra at to discuss our exhibitor booth options.

Makers Market is curated, having current examples of your work available on your website will help us evaluate your application during the curation process. Only the creator submitting this form, if accepted, is approved to exhibit during the event. Sharing is allowed but both creators must submit an application for approval.

This is a request form. It is not a contract, and it does not guarantee space. All Makers Market space is limited. If accepted: You will be sent a contract. In order to reserve your space, you will need to return your contract and payment within 10 days upon receipt. Space is not reserved until the balance is paid in full.

All Makers Market tables are $350 and include one 8' table, two chairs, and two badges to Awesome Con. Up to 2 Additional exhibitor badges can be ordered for $95 each. Makers Market applications are for one table only. You cannot extend over multiple tables in Awesome Con’s Makers Market. If you are interested in a larger space, we invite you to contact John O'Marra at to discuss our exhibitor booth options.

Tables do not include electricity, and electricity cannot be ordered in Makers Market.

Wifi is not included, but both free and paid wifi options are available directly from the convention center.

If you have questions about Makers Market, please contact Paula (

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